IDX Website 101: Why Real Estate SEO Is Different from Standard Optimization


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The bedrock of a good SEO strategy for advertising a real estate property or a real estate business differs slightly from standard SEO. How? Practices such as putting your listing up in a directory or MLS remains valid in 2019 as it did in 2010 or 2000, for one thing. What’s outdated for many websites and businesses nowadays remain relevant for the real estate industry. By the way, you should build a proper SEO foundation for your website using the idx website. In any case, you should also have a deep understanding of the keywords and phrases being searched that are relevant to your property listings or marketplace. You want to be as visible as possible to customers so that you’ll always get a deluge of relevant requests and inquiries.

A Good Foundation in Real Estate SEO

  • SEO Foundation and Scalability: Your website should be built on the bedrock of good SEO, with its foundation being keywords. A website should also have scalable SEO such that even if Google were to change its algorithm again to view certain keywords as good search signals over others, you can easily change up your new content without overhauling the rest of the site. You should have your web developers start with a simple outline based on keywords first. Get more information about idx website visit at this link.
  • How SEO Helps Your Real Estate Sales: SEO spreads awareness of your site with the help of Google, which is the most visited site on earth. As you establish the direction on how you can group common-era pages of your site together, you should focus on the most relevant keywords in order to target the right audience so that every inquiry you get from your visitors serve as sales opportunities. Build your website based on SEO research.
  • The Main Focus of Realty SEO: It’s all for the sake of getting leads to buy your real estate listings. You’re making it easier for would-be customers to find you through Google In light of your competition using optimization as well, it all boils down to which of you are savvier when it comes to getting Google to find leads for you. You should have a 20-30 page outline based on keywords that will position your website in particular in the forefront in, say, Los Angeles property or New York apartment listings.

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