Fast Facts on Promotional Items


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Promotional items are all around us. They are in every place we move. Aren’t you wondering why they are so popular? Aren’t you interested in knowing a bit about them? Here are some fast facts for you to munch.

  • Brands are numerous and so are the people who own promo items. In fact, about 8 in every 1-0 consumers own at least a promo item or upto 10 of them.
  • The usage of promotional items by persons who have them is high. At least 53% are known to use the item at least once a week. Proof of being useful!
  • The giveaways have also sentimental values. They are like memories of yesteryears worthy of being cherished such that about six of 10 persons keep the items for upto two years or more. Promotionalitems offers some in-depth insights on promotional items.
  • The items used for promotion are worthy of the company’s spending money. 53% of the time, the items return more favorable images of the brands.
  • And how soon do consumers like receiving promo materials? It is in an astonishing 48%. It is like creating a favorable customer-base and loyalty in exchange for the freebies.
  • From being free, there is one more thing that consumers want from the giveaways. It is the sense of usefulness. About 69% would only pick the items if they deem it useful in their needs.
  • Despite being received years back, the customer recall of the brand is still at a whopping 89%. And that’s years of free promotion to a person who has the item.
  • Ranked as most useful among promo items are writing instruments like pens and pencils. It is among the most cost effective and the most used by consumers.
  • While usefulness is the general criteria, would you believe that women are likely to have bags as their promo items while men are more inclined to caps and shirts.
  • The power of promotional items goes beyond the item themselves. The brand they carry benefit with the sales conversion factor they possess.

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