Different Types of Aquarium Plants You Can Get


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When you have an aquarium, you will place your pet fishes there which is a good thing. Aside from the fishes, you need to put a lot of other things inside it. You can put some good amount of decorations. Don’t forget the amount of sand and gravel at the bottom of the aquarium. Then, don’t forget the aquarium plants that you can get. Your aquarium will look a little better when you have the right plants to put inside it.

Just a few types of aquarium plants you can get

  • We’ll start off with moss which looks somewhat like algae but sometimes moss can have a beautiful look to it. It clumps up forming bodies similar to grass on the field. Moss can also float which is why some people tie it down.
  • A fern is also a type of aquatic plant but it can also be the same fern that grows on land. There are a lot of sub-species for ferns that you can actually buy those that will live and survive underwater. Most ferns have that elongated look to it with a nice design.
  • Fissidens is another type of moss but the form and shape are different. It clumps up like a ball but the leaves are similar to that of a Christmas tree but maybe smaller and just looks wet.
  • Anubias is another type of plants that you can use for your aquarium. These anubias plants have thick and round leaves that can be good to look at and it is a good design to scatter them around but in clumps.
  • Liverworts have that cactus look to it. It doesn’t have any spikes and needles but these liverworts have that kind of look. They are clumped around in different shapes and that’s the interesting part.
  • The bucephalandra is another type and it looks like any regular leaf. It looks different and it has colors that range from green to having shades of purple and others.

Just a few things to consider

  • There are plants out there that you can put in your aquarium but they aren’t really suitable for that. Think of it as a way of experimenting and having fun in a way.
  • You can even do some aquascape procedures where you can put these plants in a certain arrangement. Think of it as landscaping but in this case, you are forming your plants inside the aquarium.
  • You can find guides online about which plants you can line up and use for your aquarium. Keep in mind that aside from the aesthetic appeal, these plants also have utility and different functions for the ecosystem of the aquarium.
  • Different plants also have different prices so if you are on a budget, you can start off by buying the cheaper ones first and build up your plants later on because you can just alter the arrangement later on.

There are a lot of different aquarium plants that you can buy and use and that’s always a good thing.

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