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With the rising accidents caused by DUI drivers, convicted drivers have doubled in numbers. Car insurance brokers started to be popular due to the increase of demand of car insurance in either the victim or the convicted driver.

DUI is considered as a serious crime that often follows an arrest, ban, pay a fine and most probably end up in jail. Repeated conviction will result to an unlimited fine, permanent revocation of license and imprisonment. If you want to get more details about drink driving insurance, you may visit on total insurance.

Additional Premium For Convicted Drivers

Since insurers are offering drink driver insurance, the cost will differ once someone is convicted. Compared to the typical car insurance against the convicted driver insurance, the price of the former is much cheaper. Meanwhile, the price for the policy  of the convicted driver will increase drastically.

It will take 5 years before the license of the convicted driver will be returned.  After that if multiple offences are made, imprisonment will follow, payment of penalty and permanent revocation of license will take place.

The Life After Conviction

There is a great impact once you are given a conviction. It could affect your work, your company, and at some point even your relationship. Fortunately, insurers have found solution to tackle this issue, through drink drive insurance. Despite the fact that it will affect your life, you don’t need to worry too much because the insurers can help you with the basic needs of your car insurance. In addition, there are cheap insurers that you can afford while giving you the right service you need.


Regardless of whatever situation, insurers will address the effect once you are convicted. Some additional premium is inevitable. But in order to avoid any conviction, we should in the first place avoid driving drunk not just to avoid any problems, but for the protection of yourself and your family.

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