What is a Cocaine Test Kit Used For?


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Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is made from a play called the coca plant and turned into a white powder or a solid rock. Cocaine is usually used for medical purpose and is usually prescribed by a doctor. There are six main steps in manufacturing cocaine.

• Harvesting coca leaves. The coca play usually grown is mountains or jungles, the plant is identified and usually, the coca leaves are picked by hand.

• The leaves are then soaked in gasoline. This is the way to extract the coca base from the leaves.

• The gasoline with the cocaine alkaloid is then mixed with diluted acid. Afterward the gasoline is removed and usually, ammonia is added to create the cocaine base.

• The cocaine based is then filtered and dried.

• After drying it is then dissolved using acetone plus another type of solvent for crystallization.

• Finally, the excess solvent is removed and the remaining is left to dry out again.

• Finally, the excess solvent is removed and the remaining is left to dry out again.

Depending on the process used and how well it is done, the purity of the cocaine varies so this is where the cocaine test kit is for. With the test kit, you can then assess the purity by yourself. If you are curious to know more about cocaine test kit, visit here.

How does the kit work?

The kit contains a reagent that reacts with the cocaine and then the mixture changes color depending on the purity of the cocaine. These type of kits can be used even if there are other components in the mixture. So for instance, if you want to identify if the pill or powder that you are using has cocaine or has a high amount of cocaine in it the safest and cheapest way to test it is through these kits.

If you are interested in using this you can do your search and purchase them!

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